Life, Exaggerated

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This is a place you can write about random everyday experiences in overly exaggerated play version. Anything that you can make funny or utterly ridiculous (it's usually both) is welcome here.

For example:

ME: *walks into room innocently*

MOM: OMG where have you been what are you doing????!!!111freakingoutmatriarch

ME: ...I've been in my room...?

MOM: Well don't! *keels for no reason*

ME: Wah.

The only rules are:

1. Make sure it's in play version. You've been given an example, so don't complain, bleh.

2. We want funny! We want misspellings! We want people saying things they don't actually say! We want Benny Hill like scenarios! People chasing and throwing things, whether they did anything like that or not!

3. Don't drink the water.

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